Residential lease advice session

Don't you want to know what you're signing? What if you can't break your lease if an emergency comes up? If you have roommates and one of them decides to leave, are you responsible for their portion of the rent? What happens if you want a guest to stay for a couple of days, are you allowed to let them stay with you? 

These are just a few examples of common questions that we get asked all the time, often when its too late and you're locked into a binding lease and have no say in the matter. The answers to some of these basic questions might surprise you. 

Don't go into a binding lease blindly. You should NEVER sign your name to a document you don't fully understand. Give us a call and schedule a Residential Lease Advice Session now and get your questions answered before you lock yourself into a contract. 

We understand the urgency of getting an appointment quickly for this service and in most cases can arrange a meeting the same day you call. Simply ask the property manager for a blank copy of the lease so that you can have an attorney review it before you sign. If they are hesitant to let you do this, thats a good sign that things aren't on the up-and-up and they're trying to pressure you into signing. Don't let this happen to you!

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